Friday, April 30, 2010

You asked for it! Coordinating Cardstocks & Power Palettes! :)

We've heard that you really would like a guide to help figure out which Power Palettes our Cardstocks coordinate back to, and rightfully so. We'd imagine it will make project creation a little easier to pull together, and it likely will also prove to be a handy dandy little tool when shopping for or selling our products, too.

Our Product Marketing Team has put together this downloadable pdf for you to reference whenever you need it to match Cardstocks to our palettes. The pdf contains a list of current Power Palettes within our product line, and the colors of Cardstock that coordinate with those specific Power Palettes.

We should give a special little shout-out to Ann Nemec from the Product Marketing team, who pulled this little goodie together for us all. Oh, and in case you LOVE the new cutting guides for the featured projects... yeah, that was her too :)